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   Please join the Beatapples for a performance at the Willowbrook Bowling alley lounge on February 2 Saturday night at 8:30 till 12:30 located at 735 plainfield road Willowbrook IL
With over 60 combined years of experience playing yours and ours

favorite Beatle songs to live audiences, "The Beatapples" are leading

the competition in performing the early repertoire of "The Beatles".

"From me to you" to singing "Paperback Writer" the high energy

so evident in the early recordings of "The Beatles" still creates passion

and high energy to audiences of all ages. We know that it does from

our first hand experience over the years, that which continues to

energize "The Beatapples" and makes an evening "With The Beatles"

so magical, a magic that continues to grow.
"The Beatapples" specialize in the presentation of "The Beatles"

using the same instruments to capture the instrument sound, the

voice inflections to capture the harmonies, the suits to present the

professionalism and fashion look of the their time, combined to create

what shook the world then and continues now. If it is the 'Rock and Roll"

or the sweetly written "Ballads" then "The Beatapples" are sure to delight.

"The Beatapples" are perfect for all musical venues with the proven

experience for concerts, clubs, charity events, weddings, and private parties.





       Bo Blider                          Wayne Kullman                           Bill Boleski                                       James Dunn